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GLOTOX Lumina, another innovation and high quality product by Esme Organics . An alternative to Expensive, toxic, painful and potentially dangerous botox injections and other types of anti-aging treatments and surgery in the market. Its job is to paralyze and relax the muscles in your face. It reduces not just fine lines and wrinkles, but even those hard to treat wrinkles and crow’s feet and prevents the formation of deeper expression lines for a lifetime.

How it works:
GLOTOX Lumina works much like botox, which paralyzes, relaxes and temporarily deaden the muscles in the face and reduces cell movement, giving your skin the glow and beauty it deserves.

• Immediately l reduces fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
• Intense Whitening and anti-aging
• Instant Face lift
• Heals Acne faster
• 72 hours moisture reservoir
• Easily absorbs by our body
• Relaxes the muscles on your face
• Cheaper alternative to botox
• Immediately gives you an instant radiant glow
• Boost skin immunity that makes skin dull and discolored due to stress
• Super light and non-greasy

How to use:
• Pump a generous amount of GLOTOX Lumina into your fingers and gently massage the liquid gel on to your face in upper circular motion. Once it dries,
• Apply GLOTOX Lumina twice a day.
• You can use GLOTOX Lumina as a base make-up or blend it with your concealer or foundation to smoothen out your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a more younger, fresher and glowing look.

If redness or swelling occurs, please discontinue use.

When should i see the results?
Upon application of GLOTOX Lumina, you can feel the results immediately. Once it touches your skin, you can see your skin begins to feel tighter, firmer, smoother and glowing. Results can be seen within 28 days of consistent use.

Let’s begin to feel the real anti-aging treatment that lasts a lifetime.

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