Notice to the Public


     10 DECEMBER 2018


    Dear Valued Customers & Consumers:

    ESME ENTERPRISE ™ is a licensed cosmetic trader with its own brand, ESME ORGANICS ™

    ESME ENTERPRISE takes pride in high-quality materials and workmanship that goes into the manufacturing of the products we sell through our network of trusted distributor and retail partners.

    For more than five years consumers have come to recognize ESME ENTERPRISE ™ products especially our ESME ORGANICS COLD WAX, which is the element of our brand and trademark.

    Because ESME ENTERPRISE ™   products have earned an excellent reputation consumers purchase with confidence, knowing they are buying quality products with a warranty which we are proud to stand behind.

    The purpose of this communication is to make our customers aware of our recent discoveries that our product “ Esme Organics Cold Wax” are being counterfeited by some of the wholesalers online. It is our belief the Fake Esme Organics Cold Wax products are being sold intentionally at ₱45.00 (wholesale) that resembles the genuine Esme Organics Cold Wax in an effort to; exploit & leverage the excellent reputation of ESME ENTERPRISE™ products.

    We are concerned that the unsuspecting wholesale customers as well as some consumers have unintentionally purchased the Fake Esme Organics Cold Wax with a perception that they were getting the genuine Esme Organics Cold Wax being sold under the same label, when in fact they were not.

    Please be advised an inspection of the “look-alike” extruder has determined they are not manufactured with the same high-quality materials and do not meet the same quality of workmanship as the Esme Organics Cold Wax. In an effort to protect the reputation of the Esme Organics Cold wax and to preserve the integrity of our customers who purchase the genuine ESME ENTERPRISE™,  In addition, we would like to advise our valued distributors, wholesalers & retailers to be alert.  If you suspect you have received a Fake or counterfeit of any of the ESME ENTERPRISE products, please report this matter immediately & directly to ESME ENTERPRISE office.

    Finally, should you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of the ESME ENTERPRISE™ products or should you have any questions regarding our authorized distributors of ESME ENTERPRISE™ products, please feel free to contact our office. We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences this unfortunate situation may impose on our valued customers.


    #21 Saint Lawrence st. Villa España Subdivision, Barangay Tatalon, E.Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines. 1113

    Landline number: (02)5874652

    Mobile number: +639173095811

    Email: sales.esmeenterprise@gmail.com


    Website:  http://esme.com.ph/


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